You'll need an off-air antenna installation in Detroit, MI, Cleveland or Akron, OH

If you're stuck with a fuzzy picture for your satellite TV, you need help from Blake's Installation Service. We offer off-air antenna removal and installation services in Detroit, MI, Cleveland and Akron, OH. We can install or service your antenna, so you can make the most of your TV.

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Helping you get the connection you need

Whether you want to make the switch to satellite TV, or you need to replace a faulty antenna, you can turn to our off-air antenna installation pros. We can:

Replace your broken antenna for optimal service
Install your new antenna when you switch TV services
Remove your old antenna if you’re ending your services

We’ll take the antenna from your service provider and install it according to the proper guidelines. To schedule your off-air antenna removal in Detroit, MI, Cleveland or Akron, OH, reach out to us today.

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